• OPS Mission & Vision

  • OPS Mission

    Provide a dynamic educational environment, by encouraging learners to face the demands and challenges of an evolving world.
    Inspire young minds to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
    Nurture a caring and compassionate outlook through the values of teamwork, leadership and social responsibility.
    Promote the spirit of enquiry, cultivate open-mindedness and develop intercultural understanding.
    Impart international education that is globally relevant through recognized curricula.
    Foster holistic, integrated learning opportunities through a learner-centric approach.

    OPS Vision

    The main vision of the OPS International School is to shape the child in the age – old Indian tradition of Guru Shishya Parampara, which will instill in him/her the reverence for his Guru, which has almost been eroded in this materialistic age.

    OPS International School:
    *Provide quality education in a contemporary learning environment
    *Focusing on holistic development of young learners
    *Empowering them with life long learning skills and nurturing compassion and respect for each other

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