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“Education is the passport to the future,

for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

A school is a place where a child grows physically and in knowledge no doubt, but most importantly in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, patience, resourcefulness, resilience, and understanding.

At OPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL our aim is to create an ethos that will encourage children to grow in all these mental spaces. An ethos of harmony and interdependence with the environment around them that fosters tolerance, discussions, flexibility and understanding different points of view. Where hard work is recognized and rewarded, an environment where the mind can range unfettered and free of constraints. An atmosphere that encourages adaptability, responsibility and leadership. Where charity, service and self sacrifice is the norm.

And above all, a loving atmosphere where love and encouragement are the preferred ways of teaching, so that a child is imbued with self respect.


To provide value based education catering to 21st century skills to enable individual child to be globally competitive yet humane.




Registration cum Admission form can be collected from the school office during the working days from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Minimum Age Applicability :

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School is the first formal institution that a child joins. The family and the school are two bodies that the child comes in contact with on a very regular basis. Therefore, these two institutions have the primary influences on a child.

We understand the importance of a child’s first experience of school. The Management and Staff of Ops International School are committed to make education an informative, enjoyable and wholesome experience. We observe the child on continuous and comprehensive evaluation basis as per the C.B.S.E. guidelines. We want to make the education a truly enlightening experience. The idea here is not to create bookworms, but to create all-round & well developed personalities.

Physical Fitness with Sports

At Ops International School, there is a belief that along with the mind, the body develop too and students must become physically fit. At Ops International School every student is prepared to achieve excellence in sports along with academics. Therefore our special coaches are committed to train students in a variety of outdoor & indoor sports like basketball, lawn tennis, skating, volleyball, boxing, table tennis, carom, badminton & chess. Our Playgrounds & Sports courts have been built up as per the international standards. Himland is only school of distt. sangrur having lawn tennis court & indoor badminton court. To perform comfortably during sports activities there are specific play costumes for Boys & Girl.

Well-Equipped Laboratories

At Ops International School we believe that the students are young scientists & they can invent new things. To help the students in new inventions the school has well equipped biology, physics, chemistry, Mathematics & computer laboratories. In these laboratories students also perform their regular course practicals.


Our school library has been designed with great care as we believe that this is a strategic place of learning, where project work, individual study & group research can all take place. The school library stimulates learning and motivates students by providing a broad range of information sources. The library also supports teachers in adopting a wide range of teaching strategies.

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In order to meet the growing need of providing quality education of international standard at reasonable fee to the children of DIRBA & its surrounding City Ops Educational Society started OPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in April, 1999. The school is English Medium, Co-Educational and Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Delhi upto 10+2. The school is running all four streams for classes 10+1 & 10+2 (Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce & Arts). At present OPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is one of the best schools of Haryana.

School Uniform

All students of OPS International School should be in the prescribed uniform. The details of uniform and the system for their procurement is given below:


Boys: Nursery to U.K.G: Royal blue shorts with bib, Red check shirt, Belt, White socks and Black shoes.

1st to IX: Royal blue trousers, White shirts, White socks, Black shoes and Belt. Sikh boys will wear a navy blue turban.

Girls: Nursery to U.K.G: Royal blue skirt with bib, Red check shirt, Belt, and White socks Black shoes.

1st to VIII: Royal blue skirts, White shirts, White socks, Royal blue ribbon and School belt.

IX to XII :Salwar Kameez.


Boys: White shirt, Worsted grey trousers, Grey socks, Black shoes, School tie, Steel grey pullover with a maroon stripes between two navy blue stripes on the neck and Waist line boarder with school logo on the left, Navy blue blazer with the school logo the packet. Sikh boys will wear a navy blue under turban.

Girls:White shirt, Worsted grey box pleated skirts, Worsted grey tunic for nursery Section girls. Girls stocking, Black shoes, School tie, Steel grey pullover with maroon stripes on the neck and Waist line, border with the school logo on the left, navy blue blazer with logo on the packet.

Sports Uniform

For all Classes
For boys white half-pants/pants & house P.T Shirt. For girls white P.T.shirt with house skirts, Belt, White Socks, White Canvas shoes for P.T Uniform must always be neat and clean, no jewellary, mehendi, bindi, nail polish etc. is permitted. Girls are allowed to wear only small studs, or rings in their ears. Hair must be neatly combed, tied and pinned. Girls with long hair will tie their hair in two plaits.